O.U.R. Season 5 & 2 New Books


Aloha, People Who Still Read JayVay Despite My Rarely Posting Here!

Hope you’re all coping well with whichever virus-ridden society you find yourselves in. Also, good luck with the COVID.

I write to you today to say thank you. Thank you for listening to Our Undoing Radio. Pretty much the only posting I’ve done here these past couple of years is in service to OurUndoing.com and the podcast. Why should this post be any different?

Because I’ve got some books to sell, too. You’re welcome.

But first, the podcast…. It has taken 4 seasons, but it’s finally taking off, growing in number of listeners with little public discussion of it, reviews, or anything, really. It’s kinda getting the Paratopia treatment in that respect, where the following is strong, yet somehow it’s a secret. That told, O.U.R. does not have anywhere near the following Paratopia had, but like I said…

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