Living Mystery Symposium Flyer

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Expect to see these around the island shortly.





Tiokasin Ghosthorse Will Likely Not Make It To Living Mystery Symposium

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tiokasin-bookOn a sad note, it is more than likely that Tiokasin Ghosthorse won’t be with us in December for the symposium. There is still a chance but it is ever so slight, as he will be flying around the world at that time and the timing is likely not going to work out. Whitley Strieber, Jeffrey Kripal, Dennis McKenna, and Jeremy Vaeni are all locked in, however. We will update you on further developments with Tiokasin if they occur and will definitely be hosting him on the Big Island for an event in 2017. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, check out the facebook page for his new and deeply fantastic book project, Butterfly Against The Wind

The Soundtrack of Living Mystery

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Living Mystery Poster

Aloha, Everyone. Just want to take a moment to thank Joe Gooch for producing two songs for the Living Mystery Symposium. Joe was instrumental (literally and figuratively) in adding to the ever-evolving Paratopia soundtrack over the years and created the theme song to The Experience. He is an endless creative force and a friend. Although he cannot make the symposium this year, he’ll be here in spirit and in song. Check them out!

awakening – by Joe Gooch

Living In The Mystery – by Joe Gooch

Mahalo, Joe!

Take Advantage of The Early Bird Special Now!

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Remember that last blog post about not just writing dry sales-related articles? No? Great! Because we’d be on silly pills if we didn’t remind you to take advantage of the Early Bird Special wherein you get the full 2 days of events–symposium on Saturday and 2 workshops on Sunday–for a mere, a paltry, a ridiculously low-low price of $65. This sale won’t last forever, as the pitch-persons say, so grab these tickets now. We say this because we did not expect to even see ticket sales until October at the earliest–but we are seeing them now.

Please take this not as a pitch but as a friendly reminder that the Living Mystery Symposium will likely sell out, so if you’re set on coming to the talks on Saturday and getting up close and personal with Whitley Strieber and Dennis McKenna at their Sunday workshops, the cheapest, best way is to buy the Early Bird now.

Here is a direct link:

As always, Mahalo for your patronage!




Whatchu Writin’?

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As much as we here at Jaylon Productions love dry, stale business blogs used to sell merch, we’re going to take a completely different approach to keep things interesting… right after these messages.

Sure, we have a Living Mystery Symposium to promote in none other than the Big Island of Hawaii, December 10th and 11th, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun, right? Maybe talk about the origin of the name Jaylon? Or how the symposium came to be in the first place? Or that time Whitley Strieber said he would do the talk but he does not sing? (Spoiler Alert.)

So, yeah. Follow this blog if you want a behind-the-scenes look at the coming together of our projects in Hawaii. But also if you seek the latest on the speakers and musicians we will be bringing together, for we will be promoting whatever else they’re doing right now.

Mahalo for reading. Go with aloha!

Jaylon Production Launches With A Bang!

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Jaylon Productions, LLC.Logo

Aloha! And welcome to Jaylon Productions, LLC–home of The Living Mystery Symposium. We are thrilled to bring 5-star events to the Big Island of Hawaii at kamaʻāina prices! We hope to host events all over the island in the future, but first stop? Madame Pele. We’re talking consciousness and the supernatural (or is it super natural?) with a host of world-renown guests. Take a look!


CLICK HERE to find out more and order tickets–and follow this blog for updates on this and other exciting Jaylon events!